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Carpet Facts and Necessity of Professional

Carpet facts to know
A clean carpet makes any room look tidy and organized. Over 70% of all homes in Colorado have wall-to-wall carpeting. Every homeowner understands the importance of keeping their carpets clean, especially since replacing the carpets is not very cheap. When your carpet becomes dirty, not only its good look diminishes, it will also feel bumpy to walk on. Finally, a dirty carpet may pose serious health hazard, especially for young kids. Children play on carpets and rugs for hours, toddlers and infants crawl on them and inhale all the chemicals and toxic dust that hides in the dirty carpets. 
Older carpets are even more dangerous than new ones. Not only they may contain harmful chemicals excluded from more recent carpets production, they also usually accumulate myriads of pesticides and toxins brought in on shoes or pets' paws. Amazingly, a dirty carpet can hold up to 6 times its weight in pollutant filled dirt! And if your carpet is plush, the risk of being exposed to dangerous chemicals is even higher. According to Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, dust mites contained in residential carpets are among essential triggers of an asthma attack.
Sounds like a horror story? What can you do? Especially when no matter how much you vacuum your carpet, it still does not look as good and fresh as it used to?
Unless you decide to get rid of carpeting, or replace your carpet, you should consider deep cleaning of your carpet. And that's where hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is critical.
Selecting a Carpet Cleaning Professional
On today's competitive Colorado market, there is literally hundreds of carpet cleaning companies advertising their services. Don't be afraid to ask them questions, such as: How long have you been in this business? Remember, the company's reputation and experience is your key to successful carpet cleaning project!
Feel free to request references from a cleaning company. A reputable company should always have a list of satisfied clients who used their services and would recommend them. Don't hesitate to even call one of these clients to ask about their experience with the company you are considering.
You may also wonder if the specialist you want to hire will vacuum your carpet before the deep cleaning. Remember, they should vacuum before deep cleaning! This first step is important, and can make a huge difference in most cases!
As a rule, request a free inspection of your home to get exact quote for your cleaning project. When the service provider arrives for an inspection, show him or her all the problem areas and spots. Make sure you are not going to be charged for any extras. Get a written contract with a total price.
It feels great to have a cleaned carpet.

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